Mt Mundo Perdido - Lost World Mountain

lost worldMundo Perdido is set within the district of Viqueque, a town yet to develop, situated on the South coast a good 5 hours drive from Dili. Loihuno is a small village near Ossu in the Viqueque district, home to Brigadier General Falur Rate Laek, a resistance leader in the years of Indonesia occupation.

The small town of Ossu ia a charming place with a Portuguese flavor, sitting at the base of Mt Mundo Perdido aka Lost World. A very old Catholic college of Ossu, once received many timorese students from all over Portuguese Timor. The town features a beautiful Church and has a very panoramic scenery. Waterfalls and caves are scattered around this very cool climate and evergreen countriside, providing the grounds for great hikes and walks.

Traditional food cooking of dishes such as Tukir available at Loihuno. Tukir is a dish of stewed meats and fresh herbs filled in green cut bamboo, slowly cooked in wood fire. You can request this prior to visiting and take part in the cooking process.

Dili . Metinao . Manatuto . Laleia . Vemassi . Baucau . Venilale . Ossu . Loihuno . Mt Mundo Perdido

DAY 1 » Metinaro » Manatuto » Laleia » Vemasse » Baucau » Venilale » Lari Gutu » LOIHUNO

08:00am transfer to Loihuno, driving by the coast, through steep rugged mountains. Enjoy magnificent views of the ocean, coral reefs, white sand beaches, marble rock beaches, passing through various seaside fishing villages on the way to the town of Manatuto.

This is a good 4 hour drive along the north coast through some magnificent scenery and views of the azure waters and coral reefs, where most of the popular dive sites are situated.

Stop for lunch in Baucau. After lunch continue touring to Loihuno stopping at the site of the WWII Japanese bunkers in Bercoli, Venilale.

Viqueque is situated on the South Coast, a town yet to develop due to the bad road work conditions. Continue drive to Ossu, check in at Loihuno Huts guesthouse aka Wailakurini Hotel, home to high ranking Major General Falur Rate Laek, a resistance leader in the years of Indonesia occupation. If early arrival, prepare for a short walk to the Loihuno caves. Explore around the area where there is a hideout refuge he used, as well as other resistance fighters during the Indonesia occupation.

DAY 2 » Lari Gutu » Venilale » Bercoli » BAUCAU

07.00 am transfer to Ossu base of Mundo Perdido (Lost World).

07.30 am start climbing Mundo Perdido, which takes about three hours return from the base and through the forests, listening to beautiful sounds of a range of birds. The mountain hight is about 1763 meters above sea level. This mountain was a hideout of former guerrilla fighter for many years of occupation.

Depart for Baucau, straight after descent.

Baucau is the second largest city of Timor Leste, set in a hill overlooking the ocean, and buildings made of traditional materials as well as limestone where the city is actually built on.

Fishing and rice farming were once the main activities, though all sort of businesses have thrived here since independence in 2000, as this is a main stop for many on the way to other further districts, making it a very busy city with a lively daily market.

Pousada de Baucau was once built as a guesthouse, used by many for their weekend getaways from Dili, to enjoy the cooler microclimate away from the hot capital city of Dili as well as overnight stay before catching the international flights. The largest and once International Airport is situated in Baucau, now not in use. The Pousada still features the original hotel building with parquetry floors typical of the Portuguese architecture. The Pousada has also a tragic story to it, where its rooms were used as interrogation chambers by the Indonesian army during some of the years of occupation.

Arrive in Baucau and check in the Pousada Baucau and lunch. After lunch driver guide will drive you down to Wataboo/Ossolata beach for swimming and relax.

Relax for the rest of the day.

DAY 3 » Vemasse » Laleia » Manatuto » Metinaro » DILI

09.00am transfer to Dili passing by the town of Laleia, home town of renown Timorese Resistance leader Kairala Xanana Gusmao, and the coastal town of Manatuto.

Expected arrival in Dili at approximately 17: 00pm.


  • 4 WD Vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Back up vehicle service,
  • Experienced local English or Portuguese & Tetum speaking tour guide
  • Local trekking guide
  • Overnight stay at local guesthouses


  • Meals - Allow US $35 per day.


  • Airfare costs
  • Visas and departure taxes
  • Personal Travel Insurance

Note: An all inclusive package also offered.


  • Basic sanitation at guesthouses, cold mandi showers, bush toilet during trips
  • Adequate thermal clothing is necessary to avoid hypothermia.
  • Carry sunscreen, mosquito repellent and antiseptic gel/wipes
  • Always have 1 bottle of drinking water handy as dehydration is a risk in the tropics
  • Carry small change 50c - $1 & $2 coins, US$5 - $10 notes

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