Mount Ramelau

Mt Ramelau aka Mt Tatamailau is situated in the central ranges of Timor Leste/ East Timor. The trip there will take you through winding roads climbing inland and the central ranges, passing the towns of Aileu and Maubisse. Preparing for the 3 hour trek to the summit, be reminded that although you are in a tropical island, at such altitude, the temperature drops to very cold overnight and early morning.

Watch spectacular sunsets and sunrises from the summit, the highest point of the country at 2963 meters above sea level. A statue of Our Lady was erected here by the Catholic Church during the years of Indonesian occupation, measuring 3 meters high. 
Camping at the summit under the stars is amazing. In a clear night, wiith no lights anywhere near, star gazing is at it's best..

Sunrise at ummit of Mt Ramelau

DAY 1 » Dare » Aileu » Daisoli » Maubisse » Hato Builiko

08:00  pick up from hotel transfer to Hato Builiko via the town of Maubisse. Drive up the back hills of Dili, a scenic drive that offers spectacular bird’s eye view of the Capital city and the northern islands of Atauro, Alor, the last, part of the Indonesian archipelago, en route to Maubisse, a town set in the central mountain ranges, where farming is the main activity.

09:00 Stop at the WWII Dare Ausralian Sparrow Force Memorial

In December 1941 Japan made a spectacularly successful entry to World War II by invading Malaysia, the Indonesian archipelago and the Pacific. The Allies had a small force, knows as Sparrow Force, to defend the island of Timor. The Japanese invaded in February. The indigenous people of East Timor were much more supportive of the Allies where some estimated up to 40 000 Timorese lost their lives. We visit the Memorial Site in Dare.

12:00  Stop for lunch at Maubisse and after lunch visit local market.

The town of Maubisse is set about 1,600 meters above sea level, has a cool spring like climate throughout the year, but between June and August, the dry season are the coldest months. The cone shaped thatched homes, built with bamboo or mud walls that can be spotted throughout the drive are the traditional house typical of this region, and Mambae is the dialect spoken in this region. The thatched roofs come low to the ground, designed to protect the inside of the house from cold strong winds in the open.

From rice to potatoes, beans, cassava and all types of vegetables, the abundance of local vegetables grown in this region supplies the capital city’s demand for fresh organic produce. Maubisse also produces Timor's famous organic coffee.

People in the surrounding countryside still live in their traditional thatched roof homes.

Maubisse    Boy and Timor pony

Visit the Portuguese built Pousada, set on top of a hill in the center of the town. The Portuguese built most Pousadas on mountain tops or places with great views throughout the country. The Pousada of Maubisse offers 360° views of the town and surrounding mountains and valleys. The Pousada still features the original design, parquetry floors and fire place.

14:00 continue the drive through alpine like terrain to Hato Builiko, the town at the base of Mt Ramelau.

16:00   Expected arrival at Hato Builiko. Settle in and feel free to walk about this small and quiet place in the Timor alps. After an early diner, retreat for an early start.


Overnight at Alecrim guesthouse or similar

*(Alternatively camping at the top can be arranged, only advisable during dry season)


DAY 2 » Maubisse » Daisoli » Aileu » Laulara » Balibar » Dare » Dili

03:30 (Early morning rise). Drive up to the car park at the Sanctuary where we start the trek.

04:00 start climbing Mt Ramelau, and if the 2.5 hour trek is on schedule arrive in time to watch the always spectacular sunrise from the summit.

At the summit which is 1963 meters above sea level, a statue of Our Lady of Assumption was erected by the Catholic Church during the Indonesian occupation. A mainly Catholic country, this was an affirmation of the country's faith and also a sign of resistance to the occupying and opressive power.

06:00 Expect to arrive at the summit

06:15 Sunrise expected

On a clear day both the North and South coasts can be seen, on a typical day Mt Ramelau's  peak floats above the clouds and the sun rises above them always majestic and spectacular.















Mt RAMELAU aka Mt TATAMAILAU is the highest mountain of Timor Leste, and once the highest of the Portuguese empire. It peaks at 2963 meters above sea level. A statue of Our Lady of Assumption was built at the summit in October 1997 during the Indonesian Occupation and with it, Mt Ramelau reaches approximately 3,000 meters. Every year in October, thousands of Christians of this country make a pilgrimage to the summit to commemorate ithe anniversary. The temperature at the top drops to freezing cold overnight.

08:30 Start descent to the base at own pace

10:00 drive back to the Guesthouse for breakfast.

11.00 transfer to Dili.

13:00 Lunch stop at Maubisse or Aileu, after lunch continue to Dili via the same road.

18.30  Expected arrival in Dili

Note: all timings are approximate only, as unpredicted delays may occur.


  • 4 WD Vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Back up vehicle service,
  • Experienced local English or Portuguese & Tetum speaking tour guide
  • Overnight stay at a Hato Builiko Guesthouse
  • Local treking guide


  • Airfare costs
  • Visas and departure taxes


  • Meals - Allow US $35 per day..
  • Timor stock horse or personal porters can be arranged if available at an extra cost per horse/porter but not guaranteed.
  • Alternative overnight camp at the summit of Mt Ramelau on request

Note: An all inclusive package also offered.


  • Basic sanitation at guesthouses, cold mandi showers, bush toilet during trips
  • Adequate thermal clothing is necessary to avoid hypothermia.
  • Carry sunscreen, mosquito repellent and antiseptic gel/wipes
  • Always have 1 bottle of drinking water handy as dehydration is a risk in the tropics
  • Carry small change 50c - $1 & $2 coins, US$5 - $10 notes

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3 people per vehicle

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