Jaco Island

Jaco Island is a deserted small island just across Valu beach, part of the Protected Nino Konis Santana National Park situated in the eastern district of Lospalos, home to the Fataluku people.

Travel the scenic East coast, where the vegetation varies from mangroves, vast grassland, to white Eucalyptus growing in steep rugged mountains. Enjoy magnificent views of the ocean, coral reefs, white sand beaches, marble rock beaches, passing through various seaside fishing villages on the way to a secluded Valu beach situated at the most eastern point of the main island.

Jaco is blessed with amazingly white sand beaches, pristine azure waters and low vegetation. Visitors can walk the beach, swim, snorkel…and fishing allowed. Being Sacred (Lulik) land to the local Fataluku people, overnight camp is not allowed except for local men. Once a year the local tribe’s women are allowed to overnight for their secret women’s ritual.

The district of Lospalos is an area of ancient heritage and great anthropological value. Recent archaeological findings of the world’s oldest fishing hooks in Tutuala, record ancient presence here of nomadic tribes, dating as far back as approximately 42,000 years. Rock paintings are found scattered around a vast area of the Nino Konis Santana National Park, with Ili Kerekere and Leneara caves being the most significant sites, dating back around 30,000 years.

rock painting    


Day 1 » Metinaro » Manatuto » Laleia » Vemassi » Baucau » Laga » Laivai » Lautem » COM

08:00am transfer to Com driving by the coast, through steep rugged mountains. Enjoy magnificent views of the ocean, coral reefs, white sand beaches, marble rock beaches, passing through various seaside fishing villages on the way to the town of Manatuto, after a short break continue to Laleia.                                                                        

Stop for lunch in Baucau and continue touring to Com past crystalized salt lake. Arriving at Com check in at the Guesthouse and leisurely explore around the small village.

Take the opportunity to buy Tais ( the traditional timorese hand woven cotton cloth with typical motifs of this region) from the women weavers at their small stalls, set up at the house front.                                          

If time permits visit the nearby Monkey’s Lagoon. Usually, families of monkeys are spotted playing around late in the afternoon.

Leading up to the site, trek along a path littered with fossils of giant clams and other types of marine life. Relax for the rest of the day.

Day 2 » Pitileti Village » Mehara » Tutuala » Valu Beach » Jaco Island

08:00 transfer to Valu Beach through Pitileti Village, Traditional Tombs in Fuiloro, plains of Mehara (Iralalaro Lake). Arrive Valu Beach check in the guesthouse and lunch. After lunch take a trip to beautiful and pristine Jaco island, crossing on an outrigger. Spend time there swimming, snorkelling, exploring the island.

3 » Tutuala » Fuiluro » Rasa » Baucau

10:00am Depart Valu beach and stop for a short 45 minute trek to the Ili Kere kere caves. The caves feature rock paintings dating back around 30,000 years, portraying the livehoods of the Fataluku people These paintings are of great anthropological significance, as studies have found them of very similar designs found in other Southeast Asia countries. Recent findings record the oldest fish hooks made of bone found in a cave nearby, the oldest rock harpoon and a new rock carving in nearby areas of Leneara caves.

Arrive in Baucau and check at the Pousada. Relax for the rest of the day.

likerekere wall 

Day 4 » Vemasse » Laleia » Manatuto » Metinaro » DILI

08:00 am Start the day by exploring around Baucau and after lunch, transfer to Dili passing by the town of Laleia, home town of renown Timorese Resistance leader Kairala Xanana Gusmao, and the coastal town of Manatuto.

Expected arrival in Dili at approximately 18:30


  • 4 WD Vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Back up vehicle service,
  • Experienced local English or Portuguese & Tetum speaking tour guide
  • Overnight stay at a local Guesthouse
  • Local treking guide/ entry fee to Ilikere-kere caves
  • Outrigger crossing to Jaco island


  • Airfare costs
  • Visas and departure taxes


  • Allow US $35 per day for meals.

Note: An all inclusive package also offered.


  • Basic sanitation at guesthouses, cold mandi showers, bush toilet during trips
  • Carry sunscreen, mosquito repellent and antiseptic gel/wipes
  • Always have 1 bottle of drinking water handy as dehydration is a risk in the tropics
  • Carry small change 50c - $1 & $2 coins, US$5 - $10 notes


Journeys to the “Heart of the sleeping Crocodile”         

ADVENTURE TRAVELER By its very nature, adventure travel involves an element of the unexpected. In remote and developing countries do not expect standards you are used to back at home. Remote areas are sometimes unpredictable and itineraries may need to be altered. To get the most from your tour it is important to be flexible, positive and eager to take on all the challenges that arise. The environments we travel through are fragile and it our responsibility as visitors to minimize the impact of our presence.      Your local Green Tour Operator

Rate:  USD 590 per person

3 people per vehicle

Confortable capacity per 4 WD vehicle  is 3 people

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US dollar is the official currency used in Timor Leste

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