We are a registered, locally owned and operated tour Company based in Dili. We established ourselves in 2005 after much research of the tourism industry and services available in Timor Leste. It soon became clear that the services available left much to be desired and a fully East Timorese partnership was established to help improve that situation for the long term.

Being a locally owned and operated business means that by giving us your patronage you are actually helping East Timor lift itself from the ashes because your money stays in East Timor. We are passionate about our country and our people and, as a company; we endeavor to help build up our human resources, and provide employment opportunities to our local youth. We strongly discourage tipping in the streets, especially to children. We see this as perpetuating a culture of dependency in this country.

We are proud to be an environmentally responsible company which aims to protect it, and help educate people on good preservation practices.

We'll be pleased to take you on a tour around East Timor, but we'll do it in a way that fully respects the environment because we are committed to helping keep this country a paradise for future generations. After all, we are the green tour operator in East Timor.
Our ® Timor Sparrow Tours range from guided tours around the capital Dili, to scenic drives, bird watching, safari & trekking expeditions into the most remote locations, and our latest Timor “Sparrow Force” Tours, all designed to give you a full insight into the history and culture of this beautiful place under the sun and the lives of its people.

For the meantime we have a small but well maintained fleet of 4WD vehicles fully air-conditioned.

We Support localy based community projects and businesses.

Additionally, our Staff, are fluent in English, Portuguese, and Tetum as well as Indonesian and a number of other local dialects. Who better than locals to help you communicate with our people and provide you with an insight of the "real" Timor Leste? Our guides get personal, they feel protective towards their guests, are fully trained in 4X4 driving techniques and equipped to deal with any situations on the road. 
Should any vehicle breakdown on tour, we offer back up services so you will never be stranded anywhere for too long.

We value the support and feedback from our customers. We believe that a happy customer is the best form of advertisement a business can ever have. With your patronage we will keep contributing to the building of the nation. 
Our office is open six days a week, as well, just a phone call away seven days a week for your convenience.

We believe in a bright future for this young nation, and after visiting, we hope that You will too!